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Ownership verification, album cover design, distribution, and more.

Album Cover Design

Don’t have an album cover? We’ve got you covered!
Industry standard 3000 x 3000 px.

$75.00 each

Ownership Certification

Take professionalism to the next level. Get your audio ownership certified by registering it with (International Database of Licensed Audio). Your track will be issued a unique AUX# for easy lookup in the database and a QR code linking to its registration on A Seal of Authenticity gets posted on your Audio Exchange listing so that producers and song writers instantly know you are the verified owner, adding peace of mind when using your audio.

$ Market Value (Based on Price of Ethereum)


Streaming Logos


Digital distribution puts your song on over 300 platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and iHeart Radio.
Get plays AND get paid!

$75.00 per track

Radio Promotion

Interview with Underground Top 40 Radio host Cool TLC and receive week-long promotion!

$50.00 per track



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