Audio Exchange certifies the owner(s) of submitted audio after reviewing the following provided documentation:

  1. Uploaded mp3
  2. Photo ID
  3. Any supporting documentation (i.e. split sheets, signed agreements, etc.)

Once the owner(s) is/are confirmed, Audio Exchange assigns a unique AUX# to the audio and generates a verification seal that can be published by the owner(s) anywhere that audio is listed for sale or license.

Additionally, Audio Exchange will create one hundred ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens with the matching AUX#, audio title, and owner(s) to represent 100% of the audio. Tokens get distributed to the owner(s) according to the reported ownership percentages.

Finally, the AUX certification gets listed on IDBLA.org (International Database of Licensable Audio) for public verification, displaying the corresponding AUX#, verification seal, mp3, and Etherscan token verification link.

How to Certify Your Audio

Step 1: Make an ERC20 wallet if you don’t already have one. We suggest Trust Wallet, but there are many options available. All are free. You will need your wallet address in step 3 so keep it handy. Learn more about ERC20 wallets

Step 2: Create a free account on Audio Exchange.

Step 3: Submit your audio for certification by filling out the Certification Form. You will need the following:

  • Audio .mp3 (no .wav files)
  • Audio artwork (if no artwork is provided a default one will be assigned)
  • Clear copy of photo ID for all people to be verified and listed as audio owners
  • Any supporting documentation (split sheets, signed written agreements, etc.)
  • The ERC20 wallet address created in step 1

Step 4: Complete processing payment (per audio certification submission)

Step 5: Look for a confirmation email within 7 to 10 business days with your Audio Exchange certification number (AUX#), verification seal, and link to listing on IDBLA.org.

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