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The International Database of Licensed Audio (IDBLA) brings transparency to audio licensing by providing a fast, easy, and effective platform to verify the ownership and granted licenses using the latest technology. Our database provides a public record of licensed works and displays the proof of licensing obtained for each release.

Seal of Authenticity

The IDBLA Seal of Authenticity is a digital seal that indicates (1) that the song has been registered by the owner(s) to establish authenticity and (2) proper music licensing has been obtained. Each Seal holds a unique ID, or AUX#, and links directly to the proof of registration and licensing when clicked, or when scanned with a smartphone (using QR code technology).

Any artists that register with IDBLA are encouraged to display the Seal with their music, online and in print, as proof of Authenticity.

Verification of Legitimacy

When an audio creator uses music or sampled content that is owned by another person, they need to obtain permission from that copyright holder or owner. This is known as a “License.” Legitimate artists obtain music licenses because it is required by law. Now audio owners and license holders can display their proof of licensing.  Once registered, copyright holders, publishers, fans, and peers can confirm the legitimacy of each release.

Anyone can search IDBLA for free, and sign up is not required.

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